Pinoli’s offers a variety of custom chillers designed to meet the needs of your brewery.

At Pinoli’s Mechanical, we work closely with craft brewery owners and brewmasters to design custom chillers specific to the needs of each individual operation. We offer Standard, Premium and custom design chillers and installation, providing quality service and support from beginning to end.

As part of our commitment to quality and integrity, Pinoli’s offers a variety of custom solutions perfectly suited for brewery facilities. As the craft beer industry continues to grow, Pinoli’s has had the privilege of being involved in numerous new design builds for breweries throughout the Central Coast. We’re confident our team can assist you in designing and installing the best equipment to meet your brewery’s current and future demands. We work closely with contractors, architects and designers to produce products that are efficient and functional, while also conforming to specific aesthetic design requirements.

Already have the equipment you need? Learn about our flexible Maintenance Plans to keep your equipment running efficiently. After all, your cooling and glycol system (your chiller) is likely one of the most important pieces of equipment in your brewery, directly and indirectly affecting the beer making process. Don’t risk unexpected interruptions! Give us a call today to get started with a plan.

Our Clients

“Pinoli’s Mechanical is our go to refrigeration specialist. In 2015 Allen Jr. designed me a glycol chiller for our brewery that has been a true workhorse and scalable for our growth. They also designed and installed the entire glycol delivery system for our cellar and our heat-exchanger. When I call they answer! Last year we had an issue with our chiller that revealed itself at 7pm on a Friday. Allen answered and helped get us through saving literally thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of product!”





Specializing in custom glycol chiller fabrication & installation, engineering, control systems, refrigeration and HVAC.


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